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Teeth Whitening Facts

teeth whitening factsTeeth Whitening Facts

After you have gone through all the procedures to address cavities, get your teeth straight, take care of chipped teeth, or see to more serious oral health concerns, you probably only have one thing on your mind: having a beautifully white smile. Teeth whitening is a very common request for cosmetic dentists in Washington DC, and we love helping our patients feel their best. Here are some teeth whitening facts to consider while you are scheduling your teeth whitening appointment.

Teeth Whitening Is Not the Same as Teeth Bleaching

When you see those shots of tanned tourists with absolutely blinding teeth, you may be concerned that your teeth will not look natural after teeth whitening. In fact, those people probably had their teeth bleached. Teeth are not naturally white – they are varying shades of yellow or grey. Teeth whitening simply works to polish away those set in stains that make teeth too dark.

Teeth whitening will work to give you a bright, attractive smile for about 18 -54 months. The procedures used are definitely more effective when provided by a trained specialist in Washington DC, who knows precisely how to handle the stains based on how you got them. There are different techniques for different types of teeth staining.

Teeth Whitening Is Very Safe

The blue light that we shine at your teeth during a teeth whitening routine is not a laser, as some people believe. It is only a UV light. Its job is to break down the trapped pigment that makes teeth dark. Teeth whitening also does not cause long-term sensitivity. If you do experience sensitivity after a procedure, due to the hydrogen peroxide that is used, it usually passes in a day, and it has no long-term effect on your teeth’s strength or health.

teeth whitening

Learn More Teeth Whitening Facts from Your Dentist

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