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Suffering from Headaches?

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Suffering from Headaches?

Do you suffer from headaches?  Are they daily?  How about Migranes?

Sometimes, headaches are a result of your teeth not fitting together properly.  When the teeth don’t interdigitate exactly right it puts stress and strain on the TMJ and therefore affects the muscles in your head.


You Don’t Have To Suffer With Headaches

These are numerous and can be from a variety of different sources including:

  • The Jaw (TMJ) and associated structures
  • The neck muscles, nerves and other structures
  • Dental causes of pain such a tooth infection
  • The nerves that exit the brain and supply the face region (facial and trigeminal nerves)

Face pain can present in a variety of forms such as:dental pain washington dc

  • Headache
  • Spasm or a feeling of tightening around the face / neck or scalp
  • Ache in the face or neck
  • Tooth ache
  • A feeling of being swollen in the face

What to do if you have Facial Pain:

Face pain can be very confronting, affects quality of life and should not be ignored. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts we are experienced managing facial pain related to neck and Jaw (TMJ) conditions. Our experienced dentists will assess you comprehensively to establish the origins of your pain. Our treatments aim to address the cause of your pain and not just the symptoms.


Contact Us To Evaluate Your Pain

We work closely with a trusted team of other Medical and Dental professionals who may assist in your management if your facial pain is not in our scope of expertise and requires further investigation.

Don’t Delay, call us at 202-488-8300 today to book an Assessment Consultation and get your face pain sorted out.


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