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Sleep Apnea Facts

Snoring…some of us do it without ever knowing, and some of us keep everyone else in our home awake all night as we do it. However, snoring is often seen as an indication that you may have OSA. Also called sleep apnea, it is a condition that is far worse than just a lot of loud snoring. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts in Washington, DC, we offer sleep apnea treatment, but also think it is of great importance that you know some basic sleep apnea facts.

What is It?

As your trusted dentist in Washington, DC, we encourage you to discover just what OSA or sleep apnea means, its risks and how to overcome it. We do this because it is actually a dangerous condition. We offer the following sleep apnea facts to ensure you understand just how risky it is.

Sleep apnea comes in a few forms, with OSA the most common. That acronym stands for obstructive sleep apnea, and it means that the soft tissue at the back of your throat actually collapses backward, “obstructing” your airways. This causes you to stop breathing until your body forces you to gasp, opening the airway.

One of the most startling sleep apnea facts is that this process of obstruction, no breathing and gasping awake can happen dozens upon dozens of times each night. It is why one of the symptoms of OSA is serious daytime drowsiness. Over the long term, though, the issue develops into much worse risks. Most people diagnosed with sleep apnea have higher blood pressure, foggy thinking, and are at greater risk for heart attack or stroke.

As your dentist, we cannot diagnose OSA. That is something done by your doctor or a sleep clinic. However, one of the lesser known sleep apnea facts is that treatment does not necessarily mean being hooked up to a “CPAP” machine for the rest of your nights. We can offer you oral appliances that gently and comfortably realign your bite and prevent that collapsing of the soft tissue. This eliminates the issue and helps you start to recover from your years of struggling with OSA.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Sleep Apnea Treatment

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