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Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns

Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns

Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a unique balance between cosmetic dentistry and preventative dentistry. The procedure involves a thin shell of porcelain or ceramic that is fitted around the tooth, totally covering and protecting it from damage or decay. As your dentist in Washington, DC at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, we want help you understand the pros and cons of dental crowns. This procedure is not for everyone, but it may be the answer you need to start loving your smile again.


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Pros of Dental Crowns


Dental crowns are designed to look as natural as possible, blending right in to your surrounding teeth. They can be dyed to match your natural teeth, and are smoothly textured to give your smile a more youthful appearance. Crowns are perfect for covering up teeth that are stained, cracked, or otherwise imperfect.

Most dental crown applications only require two visits to your dentist, and some can even be completed in the same day. This is an improvement over the more complex procedure required to set porcelain veneers.

Because a crown is custom made to fit your smile, you will be able to eat and speak naturally with the crown in place. It will feel as though it is your own tooth, and that makes it even easier to smile with confidenceCrowns should never crack or break.


misconceptions about dental crowns

Cons of Dental Crowns


Dental crowns can be more expensive than other restorative dentistry procedures. However, the cost may even out in the long run when you consider that dental crowns do last much longer than procedures like veneers.

Unfortunately, some patients may notice that a dental crown creates more sensitivity in the tooth. This is not the norm for most patients.


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Dental crowns offer a great solution to a variety of tooth health problems. Now that you know some of the pros and cons of dental crowns, the next step is to make an appointment with our dentist in Washington DC to learn more. Contact us online to learn more, or call our dental office at 202-488-8300.


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