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How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Last


How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Last

Whether you just had a teeth whitening treatment as part of your preparations for a special event or you make it a regular part of your oral care, L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts in Washington DC wants to help you prolong the life of any tooth whitening, and has some great tips to help you do so.


Start With A Good Foundation

As your preferred dentist in Washington DC, we offer a full array of cosmetic dentistry solutions. However, before you sit down with our tooth whitening specialist, we take the first step in ensuring your teeth whitening treatment lasts longer. How? We always start on a foundation of optimal oral health and will do a regular exam and cleaning before we do the teeth whitening. This allows us to identify any issues, and treat them before you undergo the treatment.

This is very beneficial for both you and our cosmetic dentist because it can also allow us to determine why your teeth become stained or discolored and why you might need the teeth whitening treatment. This, obviously, leads to the next step in making the treatment last – avoiding those things that caused it.


Cosmetic Dentistry


We often learn that a patient is someone who drinks lots of staining beverages like coffee, tea, wine, juices or soft drinks. Simply switching to a straw for most of these drinks can prevent the staining, and rinsing with water after consuming them helps, too.

We also discover that they may be consuming sugary or starchy foods that can discolor the teeth, but we may also find that they are a smoker or use medications that can stain the teeth, too. As part of your treatment, we’ll review the issues that caused the staining, and encourage you to address them as a means of prolonging the results of the tooth whitening.

Finally, we will provide you with take home teeth whitening treatment options that can provide you with a way of doing some touch-ups to your glowing smile in between visits. The in-office whitening that we provide is meant to last several years, but using the tips above, you can extend that to a much greater period.


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Do you have any further questions about the best ways to prolong the results of your in-office whitening treatments? If so, give us a call at our Washington DC office at 202-488-8300. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.


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