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Is Dental Implant a Painful Process?

dental implant pain

Is Dental Implant a Painful Process?

Are you thinking about getting dental implants but worried about the pain? Well, you are not alone here as most of the patients feel that dental implant is a painful process. You might have heard a lot of rumors about the intense pain and other stuff. But all of these rumors are based on false assumptions.

If you choose a professional dental expert for a dental implant, the pain is minimally painful. As dental implants give you an all-natural and relaxing feel, this process seems no different from any normal medical process.

Is Dental Implant Painful?Dental Implants

To be honest, we all know that pain is part of life, and there is no gain without pain. So, the reality is that a dental implant is going to be a little hurtful. Don’t lose hope as we have a team of expert dentists that can make this pain go away.

If an inexperienced dental specialist is carrying out the dental implant, it is going to be more painful than it should be. An experienced dental expert will always focus on making the process less painful for the patient. The intensity and the duration of the painful period depend upon the condition of your teeth. If your muscles are strong enough to go through recovery after the procedure, there will be minimum pain.


Does Dental Implant Hurt?

The patient may feel a little soreness and some swelling after getting the dental implant. The screw will take some time to settle in, and you might feel a little bit uncomfortable too. Due to the use of anesthesia during the procedure, you will not feel any pain. Once the process is complete and the effect of the medicine is gone, the teeth will hurt a little bit.

The number of dental implants and the efficiency of the expert also determine the amount of dental implant pain. If you had a full mouth of dental implants, you would feel discomfort for a longer time as compared to one or two dental implants.


How long will the pain last?Dentures, Dental implants, Cosmetic Dentists- Washington, DC

It is a little bit difficult for anyone to predict the possible duration of dental implant pain. The length of the painful period varies from patient to patient. The usual period of discomfort is anywhere from 1-3 days. The pain will begin to go away after a few days from the day of the dental implant.

Most of the doctors prescribe some medication to minimize the pain and discomfort. Most of the time, the pain will be negligible. The swelling after a dental implant is common, and it will go away in the next 2 to 4 days.


Pain-Free Dental Implant by Lenfant Plaza Dental Artsdental implant pain

Lenfant Plaza Dental Arts have the most experienced dental expert team in the area. We understand the patient’s psychology, and that’s why the pain-free dental implant is our main concern here. If you are afraid of dental implant pain, we can assure you that you will not even notice the implant after a week. Your smile is precious, and don’t let anything keep it away from your face.


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