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Misconceptions About Invisalign

misconceptions about InvisalignInvisalign is a fantastic treatment that can help people to get a beautifully aligned smile. It has become a very popular cosmetic dentistry option over the course of the last decade or so, and along with the popularity have come quite a few misconceptions about Invisalign. It is important that you separate the myth from the truth, so you can have a better idea of how they will work and whether they are a good choice for you.

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Misconception – Traditional Braces Work Better

This is easily one of the most common misconceptions about Invisalign. The truth is that the clear braces can do just as good of a job when it comes to aligning the teeth. It cannot help with severe overbites or other extreme issues, such as jaw alignment, but it does a fantastic job with the teeth, and it can work even faster than traditional braces.

Misconception – It Is Costlier

Another one of the misconceptions about Invisalign clean aligners is that the process will be more expensive than traditional braces. This is not true, though. You will find that the costs are very comparable.

Misconception – The Teeth Will Shift Back Out of Place

Many people have this concern, and nobody wants to have their teeth become crooked again after undergoing a treatment. There is no reason to worry, though. Once you are through with your final set of clear aligners, the dentist will provide you with a retainer. When you wear this retainer at night, you will not have to worry about your teeth reverting to their prior location.

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FREE Consultation and Xray for New Patients.  Call 202-488-8300