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Does Your Denture Fit Like a Glove?

Does Your Denture Fit Like a Glove?

Does Your Denture Fit Loose or Does it Fit Correctly?

If your new or old denture fits like a glove this is the optimum level to be in. In this case, your dentures will fit perfectly and will not restrict you from carrying out any activity that involves your teeth such as smiling, laughing, or chewing. You want your dentures to be commensurate with the elevation of your teeth so they fit comfortably.  If they are loose they can be uncomfortable and cause sore spots on the gums.  Loose dentures also make the user not happy with wearing them while eating.  If you are taking your dentures out to eat then something is wrong.  Dentures were meant to be put in in the morning and taken out at night.  They should be worn all day and function and look beautiful!.  That’s the only way we make our dentures.Full Dentures


If this is not the case, it may be worth you trying to get some alternative dentures from your Washington DC dentist, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz. Dentures are the cornerstone of living comfortably and you want to be able to enjoy food with dentures that actually fit.  Dr. Norkiewicz makes perfect fitting denture all the time and patients are always amazed at how great they feel and ask themselves why they suffered for so long.  Don’t delay with poor fitting dentures.  Schedule your free denture consultation today!  Call us at 202-488-8300

Perfect Fitting Dentures All the Time

Contact your Washington DC Dentist, Dr. Norkiewicz, if you are in the market for some new dentures.  Make sure that you take the right amount of time to get the right size of dentures fitted. The style is important to, as they should suit your mouth’s natural shape. This is something very important that if you get right will be very beneficial to you.  Telephone us at 202-488-8300

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