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Dentures FAQs

Dentures FAQsdentures FAQs

Are you thinking about getting dentures? Perhaps you have discovered that it is the best way to deal with your current dental health issues. It is a common type of restorative dentistry, and it could be a good solution if you are missing some or all your teeth. However, you should take time to read through the following dentures FAQs to get a better understanding of this type of dental appliance. Those who have additional questions can contact the dentures specialist to learn even more.

How Should I Clean the Dentures?

Just because you have dentures, it does not mean that you can neglect proper dental care. You need to care for and clean your dentures properly. You can use a soft brush on them, along with professional denture cleaner, or just some soap and water. Brush the inside and the outside of the denture. You can also soak them in denture cleaning solution when you take them out overnight. This helps to reduce instances of bacterial growth. Be careful with the dentures so you do not drop and break them.

Also, you need to brush your gums two times a day, as well as any remaining teeth if you have partials. If you have teeth remaining be sure to floss, as well.

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What If the Dentures Hurt?

Another of the dentures FAQs is what you should do if the dentures hurt. Regardless of how long you may have had them, if they hurt, you should speak with the dentist right away. They may need to adjust the dentures to make sure you do not have any sore spots on your gums.

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How Often Should the Dentures Be Replaced?

Dentures today are durable, but you will likely need to have them replaced every five to ten years. Your dentist can let you know when it is time to replace your dentures.  Dentures can also be refitted to the gums.  This is a process known as relining dentures.  See the gums continue to shrink over time causing loose dentures.  The denture reline will refill the void left from the gum shrinkage. 

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