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affordable DenturesThere is a misconception about permanent dentures in Washington DC, and that is that they must be huge, awkward, and obvious. Today’s dentures are nothing like those of the past and the dental implant and denture professionals at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts are the best at helping patients find the ideal denture for their needs.

Learn About Affordable Dentures

From their office in Washington DC, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Nadeem Azeez can get the process started for having a high-quality, perfectly fitted affordable dentures.  We do not make cheap dentures, because we want our patients to be comfortable in their permanent prosthesis.  Our dentures price is affordable and we offer monthly payment plans.  We do offer:

  • Partials
  • Upper and Lower
  • Fixed
  • Implant Dentures
  • Immediates
  • Removables
  • All on 4 treatment

FREE Consultation and Xray for New Patients.  Call 202-488-8300

Dentures of any kind are meant to do more than just cosmetically replace missing teeth, and we understand that completely. The practice’s goal is to help patients find the right denture to ensure their remaining teeth and gums are healthy and comfortable, and to allow them to have the most functional denture possible.  If you are missing all your teeth then full upper and lower plates may be right for you.  However, if you want your full dentures to be more secure then dental implants can help by providing studs for snapping on the teeth.  Sometimes temporary dentures are necessary while the gums are healing.  We do those too.  Whatever type our patients need, we can do that.  For information about dentures vs implants go here.

Choosing the Right Types of Dentures

Dentures washington dcYou may not know which sort of dentures are the right options for you. Whether you have decided to replace your older plates or you are considering permanent plates that snap in or fake teeth of some sort for the very first time, our dentists are happy to work with you to meet your needs.


It begins with a consultation in their office. Since the goal of the entire team of denture professionals is to provide painless, advanced implant and denture dentistry in the most relaxed and friendly setting possible, you will feel at home straight away. A basic checkup will be done to gauge the health of your teeth and gums, and then you can discuss your needs with one of our awesome dentists.

Same Day Dentures

Our office is able to expedite the product of any type of prosthesis, with the option for having them processed and completed in as little as one day, if required, so if you are in a hurry, they can help.  Same Day dentures are only available for certain patients and not everybody qualifies for same day plates.  Call us for a consultation to see if you qualify for same day dentures.

However, not all treatments may be easily expedited. For example, an implant denture requires the use of implants. If you have yet to have those done, our dentist can discuss multiple implants as well as “all-on-4” implants that use four individual dental implants (two in the upper jaw and two below) to secure the full plate.

Affordable Denturesdentures or dental implants

If you are missing teeth and looking for a low cost affordable denture then you found the right denture office.  We specialize in getting our patients that need dentures the financing they need to be able to afford quality dentures that look and feel like real teeth.  We use a third party company called Care Credit that can help you pay for your immediate dentures for as little as $100 a month.  When you visit us for your consultation appointment we will discuss how Care Credit will help you!

Denture Repair

Our denture dentists are trained to fix broken plates on the spot.  Whether you broke a tooth off or the plate is cracked or broken in half we can fix your denture in our office.  We perform all kinds of denture repair.  Most plates can be repaired in the office in about an hour, however sometimes the broken denture must go to our lab for proper repair.  The turnaround is usually only a day or two.  If your denture is broken, do NOT superglue it.  Let your Washington DC denture dentist perform the repair properly.

denture crackeddenture repair

Get Started Today

Are you someone who has used full immediate plates for a while but who struggles with them now that the alveolar bones have shrunk in size? Maybe you are tired of a partial that fits uncomfortably? You may have decided that you want something as convenient as a full denture, but you want them to be fixed in place through the use of a crown or even implants? No matter what your needs, at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz and Dr. Nadeem Azeez and their team of caring professionals will work with you to find the right solution.  Choose Rockville Dental Arts for your denture needs in Maryland.  If you are looking for dentures near me then look no further!

If you are ready to discuss your questions or concerns, or get started with the creation of a durable and long-lasting denture, give them a call at 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and a friendly and knowledgeable staff member will be in touch with you shortly. For any questions you have, read through our FAQs to find answers. 

FREE Consultation and Xray for New Patients.  Call 202-488-8300


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Serving Downtown Washington DC, Capitol Hill, Southwest DC, Waterfront, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Northeast DC, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Southeast DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Mclean, Montgomery County Maryland, and beyond but patients travel from all over the Northeast for our services.  Located directly off the metro we are extremely convenient.

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