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Dental Implants Or Dentures, Which Is Right For You?

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Or Dentures, Which Is Right For You?

Having a lost tooth can quite be uncomfortable and inconvenient. You will feel embarrassed to even communicate with friends with a lost tooth. However, there’s a range of options to restore your lost tooth. Dental implants and dentures are some of the best options to think of, if you just lost your tooth through an accident, to tooth decay or any other dental disease. Both options are great solutions to fix the teeth bridges, but the dental implants are often preferred over the latter. It may be confusing deciding on the best option to settle for, but you do not have to worry as this guide tries to compare both options to help you make the best decision for your lost tooth. Read more about choosing between implants and dentures here.

Dental implants – The Gold StandardDental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth made of titanium that resemble the natural teeth and are inserted in the jaw bone to act as a strong foundation for the teeth and the crown. The dental implants are fitted with ridges to give your jaw a more surface to hold on and therefore are stronger than natural teeth.


Dental implants do not pose any dietary restrictions since these artificial teeth function effectively just like natural teeth.
•These teeth are permanent and can, therefore, be maintained like any other natural teeth, including easy brushing just like the natural teeth. Their ability to last long also saves on replacement and maintenance costs.
•The chewing pressure exalted on the bone promotes bone growth, unlike the dentures, which do not exalt any pressure hence risking to the bone loss.
•The crown on the dental implant also brings a youthful look on the face.


•Dental implants are a bit expensive as compared to the dentures.
•Dental implants will also take some time before they can heal.  Usually 2-3 months.
•Fixing the dental implant requires a minor surgical procedure.

Dentures Washington DC

Dentures – Your Grandparents TeethAffordable Dentures

Dentures are simply a set of false teeth that are fit in the gums to replace the lost teeth. The gum can also be colored to match the existing natural gum.


•Dentures are cheaper as compared to dental implants.
•Fixing dentures is just a simple process that does not require any form of surgery.
•Unlike dental implants, dentures are covered by most dental insurance plans.


•More funds are spent on adjustment and replacement costs due to bone loss over time.
•Dentures have to be removed and cleaned each day and also while you go to sleep to give the gums time to rest before you can fix them the next day.
•People with dentures brings about some dietary restrictions, and therefore you can not eat everything that you like.
•Food remains on the dentures cause some discomfort and hence risking some dental infections.

•Dentures are not as durable as the dental implants since they can easily slip out, causing eating problems.


Visit Your Washington DC Implant And Denture Specialist

Both dentures and dental implants are good options to fix your lost teeth. However, most dentists, including Dr. Norkiewicz,  recommend dental implants over the dentures as they are meant to bring a permanent solution. Once you fix the implant on the jaw bone, they will function effectively just like the natural tooth, and you will not need to make any replacements in the future. Just like any other health condition, you will need to visit Lenfant Plaza Dental Arts to check on your oral health, financial ability, and your health history among other factors to help you settle on the best about replacing your lost tooth or teeth.

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