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Dental Implant – The 21st Century Restoration

Dental Implant – A 21st Century Restoration

Dental Implant – The 21st Century Restoration

Dental Implant – A 21st Century Restoration

Dental complications cause gum and teeth pain and eventually tooth loss. A Dental Implant can restore the missing tooth easily and effectively.  Some of the common dental complications include sensitive teeth, toothache, tooth discoloration, soreness and redness of gums, bleeding gums, broken teeth, lost teeth or faded teeth. Some of the causes of these oral complications include tooth infection, decay, inflammation or injury, malnutrition and even inherited disorders. If you are lacking a single tooth or several teeth, dental implants offer the best solution.

Dental Implant PartsDental Implants

Also referred to as an artificial root, a tooth implant has two parts namely; the root and crown. Implants are regarded among the most fitting and successful ways to enhance a person’s appearance. Gone are the days when you couldn’t smile due to embarrassment of your oral cavity. It is important to note that oral dental implants are made from a durable material typically titanium thus able to effectively restore natural tissue.

Keep in mind that its installation has no negative impact on the healthy tissue. On the contrary, it helps to restore the root and crown tissues. The root tissues are chiefly vital for the well being of the patient. Installing a dental implant takes less than an hour and the patient can go right back to work. Local anesthesia is used to perform the surgical procedure. In most cases, the dental implant and tooth are completed in under 4 months.


Indeed, they are the best recommended way of replacing any lost teeth given that they appear similar to real teeth. What’s more, they avert the wear and tear of the bone that often happens with lost teeth and aid to preserve the reliability of the jawbone. It is imperative to replace lost teeth right away for the effective function of masticating as well as adorning a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Implants for a New Smilequestions you should ask before getting dental implants

The advent of dental implants was meant to fully restore missing teeth. After their installation, you can be sure of a beautiful, natural smile. The average life cycle of the dental implant can be more than twenty five years.

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