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Dental Emergency in Washington DC


Dental Emergency in Washington DC

Having a Dental Emergency in Washington DC?

Those who have a dental emergency in Washington DC and who cannot contact their regular dentist, should seek a reputable urgent care dentist right away.

The majority of emergency dental care facilities are open seven days a week and for twenty-four hours a day. If not, they usually have staff members and dentists on call. In addition, they accept appointments around the clock and many do not require an appointment and allow walk-ins. The staff members and dentists are well-qualified and trained and can offer people the help they need.7 Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Dental emergencies that dentists treat include tooth ache, pain, swelling, sore gums, bleeding gums, injuries to the mouth or jaw and a cracked, chipped or broken tooth. Emergency dentists also treat other conditions such as extractions, a cut lip or cheek, loose or lost fillings, root canals, infections, denture repair, problems with braces and a cut or bitten tongue.


L’enfant Plaza Dental Arts is here to help with your Dental Emergency!


Contacting an emergency dentist like L’enfant Plaza Dental Arts is the best way to end pain and to prevent problems from getting worse. For any dental emergency in Washington DC, it is highly recommended that people seek help as soon as possible. Generally, the fees are affordable and the majority of dental emergency centers accept most dental insurance plans.  Call us today if you are experiencing a dental emergency.  202-488-8300


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