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Dental Crowns Facts

Dental Crowns Factsdental crowns facts

A dental crown is a thin porcelain shell that covers a tooth entirely from root to tip. They are commonly used both as a protective tool, to keep a tooth stronger and more resilient against bacteria, and as a cosmetic tool, to cover up stains, unevenly sized teeth, chipped teeth, and more. These are some of the dental crowns facts that we often share with our patients in Washington DC.

Dental Crowns of Yesterday, Today, the Future

Dental crowns are constantly being improved upon. Every year, new types of crowns are introduced. Many years ago, the only dental crown material was silver metal. A person with a crown had a silver tooth among their others. Now, the same metal can be plated with porcelain so that it looks like a tooth, or dentists can use fully ceramic or fully porcelain dental crowns instead. These can be dyed to match your surrounding teeth so that no one ever knows you have a crown.

Dental Crowns Have New Jobs

While traditionally used to cover up existing teeth, dental crowns specialists have found ways to use these to fill in an area where the tooth is missing. Patients can be fitted for a bridge, and the dentist will anchor this bridge to healthy teeth on either side of the hole. Then a crown is placed in the hole, and held in place by the bridge. This is an excellent non-surgical option for those who do not wish to have dental implants or dentures to address missing teeth.

dental crownsLearn More Dental Crowns Facts in Washington DC

It is important to discuss the entire dental crowns process with your Washington DC dentist, because not everyone is a good candidate. If you want more dental crowns facts, or you are interested in making a consultation appointment, call L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts at 202-488-8300, or contact us on our contact page.

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