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Dental Crowns Aftercare

Important Tips for Dental Crowns Aftercaredental crowns aftercare

Our dentists in Washington DC emphasize the importance of taking care of your dental crowns after the procedure is complete. Dental crowns aftercare, as well as long term maintenance, are important for the effectiveness and longevity of your dental crowns. By following the proper care steps, you can experience the full functionality of your restorative dentistry procedure.

Do Not Touch the Crown After the Procedure

Immediately following the procedure, you may need to wait for the anesthetic to wear off. Take extra care to not bite down on the area of your crown, or apply pressure to the teeth with dental crowns on them. Any restorative dentist will warn you that the crown must remain in place to be set correctly. Of course, avoid eating hard or chewy foods in the area as well. For immediate dental crown aftercare, it is best to leave the area alone altogether.

After the Crown is Cemented

There are several necessary steps you must take after your dental crowns have been permanently fixed. Firstly, you should expect sensitivity, as the tooth may initially be irritated by the cement. This sensitivity or irritation should subside quickly. Keep record of the way your bite feels; if your bite still does not feel correct after a few days, contact us at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts for an immediate follow up procedure. Part of dental crowns aftercare is making sure all adjustments work well for your comfort and oral hygiene.

Keep Cleaning Your Teeth

It is important to note that all restorative dentistry procedures still require routine maintenance for oral health. Crowns should be treated just like natural teeth, as they are still subject to the buildup of plaque or decay near the gum line as regular teeth are. Brush and floss often, and be careful not to fracture the area. Utilize a high fluoride toothpaste for extra protection against plaque and gingivitis.

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