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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsYour teeth are often described as having two main portions – the roots (the portion hidden beneath the gums) and the crown. It is the crown that does the work of chewing and smiling, and it is also the portion most often exposed to food, damage, and staining. This is why the upper portion of the tooth is also prone to decay, cracking, and even breaking.

Fortunately, for patients of Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz at L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts, dental crowns are available.

Why Use Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are special covers made of porcelain and described as “caps” or “crowns” because of the way that they fit over the entire tooth. They sit just below the gum line and are used to cap or cover the remaining portion of a natural tooth, preventing further harm, discoloration, or decay. Crowns may be the ideal solution for patients with teeth damaged by injury or overly large fillings. The crown is placed over the tooth and gives it strength and total protection from further harm or decay.

Patients in the Washington, DC area who require restorative dentist work, general dentistry, and even cosmetic dentistry may rely on crowns to serve as an ideal solution. This is because crowns are used for:

  • Replacing overly large metal fillings
  • To cover the upper portion of the tooth following root canal
  • As protection for a tooth with severe structural damage
  • To top a dental implant

Made of durable porcelain in a specialized laboratory, the dental crowns available to patients will look identical to the original tooth, fit flawlessly to protect proper bite alignment, and allow a patient to have full function of the tooth.

How Are Crowns Done?

Dental CrownsDepending upon your needs, dental crowns require a tooth to be properly prepared for the bonding process. This may mean that some of the original crown will be removed or that an old, metal filling will be removed and the tooth properly prepared for the porcelain crown to be put in place.

It might also be that a crown will be crafted to fit perfectly in the space above a dental implant. In addition to an entirely natural looking tooth replacement or cap, a crown is also durable enough to function like a normal tooth. This is why your bite alignment is also ensured by proper molding of the crown – preventing you from sustaining issues like TMJ or uneven wear of the natural teeth.

Because the crowns are made to fit in a specialized lab setting, you will need to pay two visits to the office. The first will be to prepare the tooth, taking any impressions, and putting a temporary crown in place. On your second visit, the crown is bonded to the tooth and you can leave with a natural-looking and fully functional tooth.  Crowns should never break or crack.

Getting Started with Dental Crowns

If you believe you may need dental crowns or other restorative dentist treatments, feel free to call and schedule an appointment at 202-488-8300 or use the online contact form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be in touch with you shortly to give you all the facts. If you have a question, read our dental crowns FAQs or common misconceptions page.

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