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Dental Bridges Can Replace Missing Teeth

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Dental Bridges Can Replace Missing Teeth

It Is Important To Replace Missing Teeth

When tooth loss occurs in adults, it can result in discomfort, insecurity and in more severe cases, face deformity. To enhance a beautiful face with a brilliant smile, many people turn to dental bridges to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are prosthetic devices recommended by dentists to adult patients with missing teeth. These prosthetic bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth by cementing them to existing teeth or dental implants called abutments. This means dental bridges are not removable like dentures. They can only be removed by a dentist.

Bridges are commonly recommended by dentists for patients with one or more missing teeth. The spaces or gaps left behind from lost teeth can, over time, cause the surrounding teeth to shift or to rotate into the empty space. The result of this shift or rotation is often a bad bite. Another problem that can occur from missing teeth is an imbalance that a lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and even gum disease.

How Do Bridges Work

To avoid such mishaps, dental bridges are used to replace the missing natural teeth. When inserted, the dental bridental crownsdge spans the empty space with a false-tooth replacement called a pontic. This pontic or false tooth, is anchored in place to two crowns that are placed over existing teeth or implants. Patients can choose to have their bridge made from a variety of materials that include porcelain, ceramic gold, alloys or a combination. Porcelain material can easily be matched to the color of their natural teeth.

Before your bridge is made however, the decided upon anchor tooth or teeth needs to be reduced in size so your dentist can securely and properly fit it with a bridge. After reducing the size of the teeth, an impression is then made that serves as an exact mold for the crowns and bridge to be made. While your permanent crown and bridge are being made, a temporary crown or bridge is put into place to protect and cover the prepared teeth.

When your crowns and bridge are ready, the temporary materials are removed and replaced with permanent ones. In most cases, people who use dental bridges to replace missing teeth find they last a lifetime.

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