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Benefits of Dentures

Benefits of Dentures

Benefits of Dentures

Do you have an outdated perspective on dentures? Many people do and yet they are some of the most modern and beneficial restorative dentistry solutions imaginable. The benefits of dentures go beyond a boost in self-esteem or comfort. At L’Enfant Plaza Dental Arts in Washington, DC, Dr. Dennis Norkiewicz & Associates offer many restorative dentistry solutions and dentures are among them.


Dentures Can Be Comfortable


Dentures Washington DCWe describe dentures as restorative because they do, in fact, restore your bite to normal function. When you are missing teeth, the way you bite down or close your mouth changes from its original way, and this can cause many issues. It may lead to the development of TMJ and neck pain. It can cause your remaining teeth to wear unevenly and it can cause the gums to sustain pressure or injury too.

In addition to dentures keeping the bite functional and healthy, they also enable you to look, eat and speak normally. They can be found in different styles, ranging from full dentures that replace all of the teeth of the upper or lower jaw, to partial dentures that substitute for just a few. They can be removable or they can be fixed. You can even pair them with dental implants to create a truly optimal solution.


Denture Can Look Fabulous


How do you know if you are a candidate for any of the dentures we offer? It begins with a visit to our office. There, our dentists perform a full assessment of your teeth and dental needs. We then review all of the options for your particular situation.Denture and Cosmetic Dentists- Washington, DC

It could be that you need new full dentures to replace your original dentures. Though there are many benefits of dentures, they cannot prevent your jawbone and gum tissue from contracting and shrinking. This necessitates some replacement dentures after time has passed.

Maybe you would like a different variety of partial dentures? This could mean you are interested in some dental implants or a replacement of your original partial? There are many ways that your need for restorative dentistry of this kind might pan out. The first step is to book a visit and lets us show you the many benefits of dentures and how they can meet your needs and budget.


Book For a Denture Consultation


When you are ready to discuss dentures, get in touch with our office at (202) 488-8300. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.


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