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Avoid These Foods When Having Jaw Pain…


Avoid These Foods When Having Jaw Pain…

If you are experiencing jaw (TMJ) pain and headaches, you may find it helpful to avoid the following food types:

  • Foods that require you to open your mouth wide such as bread rolls, apples (uncut) etc.
  • Foods that are hard to bite into which require a lot of force like carrots, hard nuts
  • Very chewy foods requiring repetitive chewing like steak
  • Chewing gum or lollipops repetitively

Since we use our jaw and jaw muscles literally thousands of times a day while talking, yawning and eating, we place a lot of stress on these structures.

Minimizing this stress by way of modifying the types of foods you eat and favoring a softer diet will assist to help painful TMJ / jaw structures to settle down.

If pain persists then please call us at 202-488-8300 to seek qualified advice and treatment by one of our dentists experienced in managing jaw / TMJ and face pain and headaches.

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